Aa’Imaja ^ a is a group of 30 Wayuu women artisans from Punta Gallinas and Bahía Hondita, located in the northern of Colombia.

This group is the result of efforts to protect sea turtles in the territory of these two communities in La Alta Guajira. Those efforts belong to a conservation agreement between communities, Conservation International Colombia, The Action Fund, Cerrejón and Corpoguajira. Products with the tagua tortoise are part of this project to protect sea turtles.

Today the alliance and Mas + Diseño, support these Wayuu indigenous entrepreneurs, through several trainings allow them to improve their products and promote them in demanding fashion markets.


During the process of working with the artisans of Taller Aa’Imaja’a, since 2015, MAS + Diseño has been in charge of strengthening the team in product design and commercialization, in order to improve the relationship with its Customers, not only in terms of quality but also with a suitable treatment to those who prefer their products over those elaborated in other indigenous communities, who like them are part of the Wayuu ethnic group. For this process, teamwork activities have been made, also it has been included economic incentives for very good quality fabrics, as well as